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Fuel Fortifier™ - Automobile [160 Strips]

$160.00 SGD


Car owners, do you often feel stressed and frustrated with your car's sluggish performance or with the ever-rising price of fuel?

Rediscover the excitement in your daily drive with Fuel Fortifier™. Our revolutionary fuel treatment system improves fuel efficiency and keep your drive smooth and safe.


  1. Cleaner Engine – Rejuvenates your car internally by removing carbon build-up so you can go further on every tankful. This also means you get more miles per gallon and better savings on fuel!
  2. Reduces Premature Wear and Tear – Fights auto problems before they happen, saving you from costly repairs and downtime on the road.
  3. More Torque Power – With better acceleration and smoother steering, you’ll find yourself getting more errands done and making lesser trips to the gas station.
  4. Mess-free and Spill-free – Our product comes in unique solid strips, hence it can be easily handled with your bare hands. Made of 100% organic and biodegradable materials, it is safe for your skin, and safe for the environment too!

What’s more, Fuel Fortifier™ works on a variety of fuels (including diesel, petrol and hybrid engines), so you get the same great effects on any vehicle.

Don't let your daily drive turn into a daily chore. Feel a whole new blissful driving experience in your own vehicle with Fuel Fortifier, the most cost-effective and convenient way to keep your car going strong!


  • Set of 160 strips, in an Exclusive Display Box
  • 1 strip treats 20 Litres (or 5 Gallons) Fuel
  • Works on all Petrol, Diesel & Hybrid Engines
  • Suitable for Cars, Trucks, Vans, Buses & Generators


  • Drive the vehicle until you have nearly emptied the gas tank.
  • Determine your vehicle’s tank capacity, and the amount of fuel to be added to the tank.
  • Drop the required number of strips into the tank.
  • Proceed to fill your tank.
  • Example, if you are filling up 87 Litres (or 23 Gallons) Diesel, add 5 strips of Fuel Fortifier prior to filling up the tank with Diesel.
  • Your vehicle is now refreshed, and ready to go!

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