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Fuel Fortifier™ - Motorbike [27 strips]

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Motorbike riders, are you often left frustrated with your bike's poor throttle response or braking problems? Does your bike engine sometimes halt at high speed? 

If you’ve been through these before, no need to panic! Formulated using scientifically researched organic materials and tested through countless hours of field tests, Fuel Fortifier™ provides a hassle-free solution to these pesky issues.

Now you can ride smoother with the world’s most advanced fuel treatment system!


  1. Cleaner Engine – Rejuvenates your bike internally by removing carbon build-up so you can go further on every tankful. This also means you get more miles per gallon and better savings on fuel!
  2. Reduces Premature Wear and Tear – Fights engine problems before they happen, saving you from costly repairs and downtime on the road.
  3. More Torque Power – With better throttle response and smoother riding, you’ll find yourself getting more errands done and making lesser trips to the gas station.
  4. Mess-free and Spill-free – Our fuel treatment comes in unique solid strips, hence it can be easily handled with your bare hands - Made of 100% organic and biodegradable materials, our product is safe for your skin, and safe for the environment too!

What’s more, Fuel Fortifier™ works on a variety of fuels (including diesel, petrol and hybrid engines), so you get the same great effects on any vehicle.

Get rid of your frustration and rediscover the thrill in your everyday ride again. Feel a whole new thrilling riding experience in your own vehicle with Fuel Fortifier™, the most cost-effective and convenient way to keep your vehicle’s engine healthy!


  • Set of 27 strips, in 9 mini packs
  • 1 strip treats 10 Litres (or 2.5 Gallons) Fuel
  • Works on all types of motorbikes and scooters



  • Ride the motorbike until you have nearly emptied the gas tank.
  • Determine your motorbike’s tank capacity, and the amount of fuel to be added to the tank.
  • Drop the required number of strips into the tank.
  • Proceed to fill your tank with fuel.
  • Example, if you are filling up 15 Litres (or 4 Gallons) fuel, add 1.5 strips of Fuel Fortifier™ prior to filling up the tank with fuel. Break a strip into half, if necessary.
  • Your motorbike is now refreshed, and ready to go!

Other Information

  • Tested and Certified:

  • RM3,000,000 Product Liability Coverage


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