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Back Support Cushion Set

$90.00 SGD

Does driving often leave you feeling lethargic, depressed and your back in pain?

Say goodbye to backaches with our Back Support Cushion Set.

The cushions are designed to protect your entire back as you drive, right from the neck to the waist - exactly the way it needs to!

  • Memory foam inner core reduces stress on your body and relieves pain by forming the shape of your back and distributing its weight evenly.
  • Soft, perforated and breathable cover is removable, easy-to-clean and adds a luxurious feel to your seat.
  • Adjustable height position and tightness ensures your sitting posture stays corrected and your lumbar spine protected.
  • Concave arc surface of the headrest comfortably supports your head, neck and shoulder - eases and absorbs stress due to inertia.
  • Guards on both sides of the lumbar support maximizes contact between your back and the car seat, so you'll feel more relaxed as you drive.
  • Four elegant colors to choose from, that will seamlessly match your car seat color.

Don't let your everyday driving hold you back. Reclaim your energy and happiness today, by giving your back the support it deserves!


  • Consists of 1 x Headrest and 1 x Lumbar Support
  • PU Cover
  • Memory Foam Inner core
  • Headrest comes with an elastic band
  • Universal design - Suitable for all cars
  • Color Choices : Black, Coffee Color, Beige and Wine Red.

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