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Waterproof Scratch Cover Decal - Bulldog

$9.00 SGD

Do you have a scratch on your car that you wish never existed?

Are you losing sleep thinking of the hefty price you'll have to pay to get rid of that awful scratch mark?

Take your worry away with this quick and easy fix - Scratch Cover Decal.

1. Fun Design - Bulldog design is perfect for scratches along the edges of your car body. Adds some cheer and fun to your car, while concealing those unsightly scratches.

2.  Waterproof - Sticker stays in place, and scratches stay out of sight, rain or shine!

3. Easy-to-use - Simply wipe the surface dry, peel and stick!


Dimensions: 11 x 23 cm

Color: Black / White

Material: PET Sticker


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